Edited by: Eugenia Gotti – Architecture Department Editor –

Who: Zaha Hadid

What: King Abdullah Financial District Metro Station

Proofreading: Bianca Baroni




In order to serve its rapidly expanding population of more than five million, the ArRiyadh Development Authority has commissioned  to construct the new King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) Metro Station in its capital city of , Saudi Arabia.


The 20,434 square meter King Abdullah Financial District Metro Station will be placed amidst a tangle of pathways, skybridges and metro lines – all of which have been mapped and structured to clearly delineate the pedestrian routes within the building, optimize internal circulation and avoid congestion. The resulting configuration is a three-dimensional lattice defined by a sequence of opposing sine-waves (generated from the repetition and frequency variation of station’s daily traffic flows) which act as the spine for the building’s circulation. These sine-waves are extended to the station’s envelope and strictly affiliated to its internal layout, translating the architectural concept to the exterior.




In addition, the façade patterning reduces solar gain while it’s geometric perforations contextualize the station within its cultural environment. The overall composition resembles patterns generated by desert winds in sand dunes, where multiple frequencies and repetition generate complex natural formations.

519513edb3fc4bc89b000014_zaha-hadid-architects-selected-to-design-the-king-abdullah-financial-district-metro-station-in-saudi-arabia-_kafd_metro_statio (1)


King Abdullah has instructed the new Riyadh Metro be completed in four years. Prince Khaled bin Bander, the governor of Riyadh, said the project is progressing to plan and the ArRiyadh Development Authority has released details of the city’s public transport plan including the six metro lines that will serve as the backbone for public transport in the city.




Eugenia Gotti


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