General Informations.

Read carefully all the informations written, if you send your submission in a different way, you won’t get an answer and your mail will be deleted.

This guideline is very important to allow us to select the best submissions and give a value to your works.

POSI+TIVE Submission Team tries as much as possible to answer to everybody with a positive or a negative feedback.

You should get an answer between a week and 10 days, if not please send again your submission.

General informations (2):


1) PDF in Dropbox, or Google Drive are not ACCEPTED.
2) Don’t send FASHION editorials to the Photography & Reportage Editors. In this case, we will just delete it without an answer and we are not going to review it.

For all the infos about the agreement between you and Positive Magazine once your submission has been approved, please check our submission rule page.

Photography & Reportage

1) Don’t send us a portfolio: the portfolio review is not open to submission.

2) Send us a developed project, story or a reportage

3) Send your works just to

4) Facebook submissions or any other way that is not answering the rules written here is not accepted.

5) Please send us your photos collected in just one PDF file (just one file, not separate PDF images files) Jpg, tif, or any other kind of files are not allowed.

6) Please don’t send files bigger than 15 megabites.


1) Please, don’t send us a portfolio, photographers review are not open to submissions.

2) We accept only editorials involving stylist and models from professional agencies.

3) Please, don’t send us amateur photos, naked girls/boys photos, beauty, etc.

3) Send us all the photos in 1 PDF File. JPG files are not accepted.

4) Don’t send us the credits, if we are interested on your works you’ll know how to send them later.

5) Send your PDF File to: (not to otherwise we are not able to review your work)

6) Please don’t send files bigger then 15 megabites

7) Please send only one submission

8) Please don’t send anything with wetransfer, google drive, or any other system: just turn your pdf in 10 mega max and attach it in your mail. Otherwise we will not review your work.


1) Please send us a PDF File with your works to

2) Please, don’t send a portfolio, but a project you have realized.

3) For art we mean: paintings, collages, sculpture and videos.

As agreement between you and positive magazine to publish your work on our website, you confirm that after your submission have been accepted and published we will not allow any request of removing for any reason your article, your images or videos.

You will always keep the right of your work as it is written in the therm of use, but we also keep the right to decide what to remove and what not.

Please take note about that, because any request in this sense will be not accepted.


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