The “new law” & child labour in Bolivia

For about two years Bolivia allows children as young as 10 to work legally which has led to sharp criticism from many international human rights groups – what has changed...


Youth in Poland: Nonconformists, artists, outsiders, loners, rebels, skaters, homosexuals. Karolina Sekula has been portraying them for nearly ten years. That’s her natural environment. They are not connected by blood ties...



People from Kiev.

Artem Nadyozhin is young photographer from Kiev. Raised in Pervomaisk, a small industrial town on the south of Ukraine, Artem still finds his inspiration in the memories of foggy landscapes...


#venezia73 Brimstone – The review

Words by FRANCESCO ALO’ Translation by Bianca Baroni In collaboration with Four chapters (Disclosure, Exodus, Genesis, Punishment), -and the first three written chronologically backwards- are the lifting body of the...


Young Skin. Gli skaters del Lido di Venezia.

Lido di Venezia, primavera 2016. Negli stessi luoghi in cui la Mostra del Cinema prende vita sul finire dell’estate, un gruppo di skaters e bikers adolescenti si ritrova ogni pomeriggio...

Flower Market + Regent's Canal

If you have ever wondered what to do in London on Sunday morning, here’s the answer. The flower market in Columbia Road (Hackney) becomes to me the place to go.

The Upside Down at Topshop Topman

Have a look at Topshop's new interior design for the release of the second season of the world' series favourite series: Stranger Things.


Venice: the sinking Belle

Tides are a natural phenomenon, Venetian people know it so well that they even coined their own term to describe...