The “new law” & child labour in Bolivia

For about two years Bolivia allows children as young as 10 to work legally which has led to sharp criticism from many international human rights groups – what has changed...


Stuck on the move: a story by Dániel Gerse

Since the eruption of the war in Ukraine, more than 5 million refugees have entered EU countries and enjoy free movement and hospitality on their whole territory. Not having documents,...


Shenzhen by Mark Halski




Farmer is a body of work that Photographer Jack Clark has currently been exploring based on the skateboarding subculture. Significantly revolved around one subject, he aims to capture not only...



Angela Flowers at 80

More than 40 years ago, Angela Flowers established her first art gallery in an attic space in central London. Flowers Gallery is now based in Shoreditch and Mayfair. And in…

Flower Market + Regent's Canal

If you have ever wondered what to do in London on Sunday morning, here’s the answer. The flower market in Columbia Road (Hackney) becomes to me the place to go.


The Bay

Photos by Giacomo Cosua This is the other Venice that usually the tourist are not visiting, out from any touristic...