Ukraine: the province.

This series is about the everyday life of young people in the province, about a way of everyday life where life drugs and alcohol are present, about the days that...


Venice: the sinking Belle

Tides are a natural phenomenon, Venetian people know it so well that they even coined their own term to describe it – “acqua alta” – and learned to live with...


The Sideshow 

“We’re not mere spectators, or a cosmic accident, or some sideshow, or the Greek chorus to the main event. The human experience IS the main event.” Terence McKenna The Sideshow is...



Smoking Chefs by Jan Enkelmann

In the noisy bustle of London’s West End, Jan Enkelmann has been looking for sanctuaries of quietness and contemplation. He found them in the back alleys and doorways of Chinatown....

Food for Thought by P Gerard Barker

P Gerard Barker is one of those photographers that use old-school cameras, smartphones and apps to create different and unique art works. Food for thought is a series that aims…


The London Palestine Film Festival (LPFF) has been reborn after two years of pause. It takes place from 16th - 28th of November in various venues around London.