Salviati and the fascination of Glass at Salone del Mobile

Salviati is one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious art glass factories. It was established in Venice in 1859 by Antonio Salviati and has been creating top quality world-renowned products for over 150 years.
Pyrae, DecodeRecode, Ventura Centrale, Milano, Andrea Martiradonna

[dropcap type=”1″]S[/dropcap]alviati celebrates Milan design Week presenting Decode/ Recode, an event that marks a new series of projects balancing traditional and contemporary approaches. In collaboration with leading creatives Luca Nichetto and Ben Gorham, Salviati this year created Pyrae and Strata, two immersive installations that explore the theme of modularity with glass.
Decode/Recode represents the new path of projects undertaken by the company: the decoding of the designer’s ideas then recoded in glass products, the deciphering of centuries-old techniques that are proposed with contemporary aesthetics; the deconstruction of objects in modules that can be recomposed and assembled with different configurations. A totemic giant installation that create an highly poetic space.

For the first edition of Decode/Recode, Salviati chose to collaborate again with Luca Nichetto – internationally renowned designer born in Murano, that designed for Salviati, when he was 23 years old, the first piece of his career – and Ben Gorham – creative and founder of Byredo, prestigious and groundbreaking brand of fragrances and accessories.
As Luca Nichetto explains: “A fascination for the depiction
of human forms through culture and history – for the idea of character – here materialises in 53 different objects. Exploring the expressive potential of Salviati glass, we used colour and technique to design simple modules that, combined, introduce the possibility to create more than 10.000 unique and original figures, no-one the same, each one beautifully proportioned”.

Portrait of Luca Nichetto, photo by Mattia Balsamini

a single piece into a powerfully unique composition of size and colour. “Because of the qualities of glass, we could develop the concepts of stackability and layering. The interaction of each piece determines variations in colours, textures, figures: it was natural to think how glass interacts with other parts and with the light” says Ben Gorham.

Portrait of Ben Gorham, portrait by Mattia Balsamini

“Collaborating with such creative personalities has allowed us to explore a new take on a material that we’ve mastered for a long time, and to explore new production techniques as well as new applications. It was also an occasion to honor the spirit of Salviati’s extraordinary lighting collection of the 60’s and 70’s, that gave the company international fame and prestige” says Dario Stellon, Executive Member of Salviati.

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