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Focus on Mexico: the Nahua civilization.

Words and photographs: Mara Sánchez Renero

Is fascism still a problem in Italy? Thanks to the Northern League Party, at the moment indicated by all the polls as the first italian party, the Government is turning ...
Mer de Glace

From a crystal clear mountain to a dusty pit: the destiny of the Mer de Glace seems to be everyday more opaque, crumbling on its visitors.

Tina is 80 years old, she lives alone and she has Alzheimer’s disease. Her memories are slowly leaving her, wrapped in confusion, often they disappear completely, sometimes she invents new ...

The social situation of Kenya's capital, Nairobi,  is not easy, especially in the suburbs and in the shanty towns which experience an intense discomfort.

A reportage by Christopher Perez around central Asia. A journey started as holiday but ended more like a very interesting trip which the author decided to share with us.

Photography by Mariusz Smiejek; Written by Dr Katy Radford Institute for Conflict Research

Venezuelans from different ages, and social conditions entering everyday to Colombia at the immi- gration crosse at the Simón Bolívar International Bridge. The neighbourhood of Villa del Rosario a Municipally ...

The Wolfsschanze was the most famous and most used Führer Haupt Quartier of Hitler, who spent a lot of time there to coordinate the troops during the invasion of Russia. ...

“I was born between the two World Wars in a hamlet in the Tuscan interior, it was December, felt as cold as hell, I had a deformed foot and was ...

What has remained of the conflict in Kosovo eighteen years later? The political axis has moved and the region fallen into oblivion and struggles to get out. Among green meadows ...