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Roots of fight: a project by Matteo Maimone

Thailand is the meeting point between Eastern and Western worlds.
It’s the place where you can learn the art of Muay Thai, their national sport. A sport characterized by pre- fight ...

Morocco always was have been an attractive country for photographers, they always wanted to have a piece of that colorful and exotic society. But one photographer dived in and captured ...

The olive season in Sicily ended in November, during the harvesting season, between September and November/December, around 1,500-2000 people living in the informal camp for seasonal workers. The camp is ...

On 31 March 2019, the 13th World Congress of Families concluded with a march in Verona. The WCF, sustain only one type of heterosexual family, western and Catholic, they openly ...

Words&Photographs by Elena Fusco When an earthquake hits an inhabited place, from natural phenomenon, it becomes a social disaster. What it destroys is no longer just material; it takes away ...

Words and photographs: Mara Sánchez Renero

Is fascism still a problem in Italy? Thanks to the Northern League Party, at the moment indicated by all the polls as the first italian party, the Government is turning ...
Mer de Glace

From a crystal clear mountain to a dusty pit: the destiny of the Mer de Glace seems to be everyday more opaque, crumbling on its visitors.

Tina is 80 years old, she lives alone and she has Alzheimer’s disease. Her memories are slowly leaving her, wrapped in confusion, often they disappear completely, sometimes she invents new ...

The social situation of Kenya's capital, Nairobi,  is not easy, especially in the suburbs and in the shanty towns which experience an intense discomfort.

A reportage by Christopher Perez around central Asia. A journey started as holiday but ended more like a very interesting trip which the author decided to share with us.