Judd Foundation Presents Posthumous Exhibition of Irwin’s Work

Discover the extraordinary exhibition of Robert Irwin’s innovative works at 101 Spring Street, New York. Dive into the world of visual perception and artistic exploration.
Image Courtesy Judd Foundation. Photo by Steven Probert

New York, April 5, 2024The Judd Foundation is set to unveil an extraordinary exhibition showcasing the innovative works of renowned artist Robert Irwin at 101 Spring Street in New York. Titled “Robert Irwin,” the exhibition presents three compelling pieces, marking the first posthumous display of Irwin’s work in the United States. These artworks delve into the depths of visual perception, extending the inquiries initiated by the artist over fifty years ago within the same space.

Image Courtesy Judd Foundation. Photo by Steven Probert

One of the highlights of the exhibition is the monumental Sculpture/Configuration 2T 3L (2018). Rising nearly ten feet in height, this column composed of layered acrylic units evokes Irwin’s pioneering work from the late 1960s. Positioned in the same spot as one of Irwin’s twelve-foot columns exhibited in 1971, this piece serves as a poignant continuation of his exploration into visual phenomena. Lawrence Weschler aptly encapsulates the essence of Irwin’s work, describing it as engaging with “the incidental, the transitory, the peripheral.”

Complementing this masterpiece are two other ephemeral creations, AS GOOD AS IT GETS (2023) and “C and C” (Complex/Coherent) (2021). These sculptures epitomize Irwin’s lifelong fascination with shadow, reflection, and color. Part of his unlights series, these works ingeniously utilize fluorescent tubes and color gels to interact with natural light, casting reflections that blur the boundaries between art and environment.

The historical significance of Irwin’s presence at 101 Spring Street dates back to his first exhibition in 1971, where he and Donald Judd showcased a single acrylic column. Their collaboration, informed by a mutual interest in space and human perception, challenged conventional notions of art by integrating it with architectural elements. Irwin’s philosophical musings on art’s intangible nature resonate profoundly, as he remarked, “Like time and space, it [art] has no actual physical properties. Or infinite physical properties.”

Curated by Flavin Judd, Artistic Director of Judd Foundation, and organized in partnership with the Estate of Robert Irwin and Pace Gallery, the exhibition promises an immersive experience for art enthusiasts. Public programs and extended hours will accompany the showcase, inviting audiences to delve deeper into Irwin’s groundbreaking oeuvre.

Robert Irwin joins a prestigious lineup of artists featured in Judd Foundation’s ongoing exhibition series at 101 Spring Street, reaffirming the space’s legacy as a hub for innovative artistic discourse. Since 2015, the Foundation has honored luminaries such as Rosemarie Castoro, Dan Flavin, and Yayoi Kusama, underscoring its commitment to fostering dialogue around contemporary art.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to witness the transcendent legacy of Robert Irwin as his groundbreaking works come to life once again at 101 Spring Street. The exhibition will run from [dates] and promises to be a testament to Irwin’s enduring influence on the world of art and perception.

For more information on the exhibition and accompanying programs, please visit https://juddfoundation.org/programs/robert-irwin/

Robert Irwin
April 4–August 31, 2024
101 Spring Street
New York, NY

Opening reception: Thursday, April 4, 5:00–7:00pm
Public exhibition hours: Friday–Saturday, 1:00–5:00pm

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