Portfolio Review: David M. Buisán

Illustrations by David M. Buisán

David M. Buisán is a 33 year old illustrator based in Barcelona (Spain).
He is currently working as freelance on a range of projects for magazines, book publishers, ad agencies, online press and collaborations with other artists. He usually publishes his artwork in spanish trends H Magazine, and in the online Guapo Magazine (NY-Spain). Some of his clients have been: Damm Beer group, Nivea, Rocket Magazine, Vanity Teen, Maxim Magazine USA and Hearst group. He also lately took part in a collective exhibition called Fearless Project at Geoff Gallery NY (June 2010), and another collective exhibition called Loft is in the Air in Barcelona (July 2010). Buisán uses the line and color methods of comic book art in his illustration, and his work is a blend of esoteric fanboy references and superficial trendy style.











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