Unveiling “My Mother’s Tender Script”: A Creative Tribute to Resilience and Legacy

Artist’s series “My Mother’s Tender Script” explores resilience through mother’s early hardships, and crafts a legacy using resino-pigmentype technique.

In a captivating series titled “My Mother’s Tender Script,” the artist embarks on a poignant exploration of the narrative woven by their late mother through a humble phone notebook. The series delves into a life marked by early hardships, resilience, and an enduring legacy.

Born into a world that denied her a childhood, the artist’s mother married at the tender age of 11, faced the pain of widowhood at 15, and remarried at 17. Her story, shaped by adversity and early responsibilities, serves as a testament to her unwavering determination.

Despite a lack of formal education, the mother found solace and expression in the kitchen, particularly in the art of making bread. It was within the warmth of the hearth and the rhythmic kneading of dough that her early story unfolded, revealing a woman of strength and resilience.

In stark contrast, the father, an erudite writer and journalist, led a life adorned with education, cultural experiences, and literary engagements. The two paths, seemingly worlds apart, met at a crossroads in the form of the artist’s mother. Her meticulous maintenance of a phone notebook, a personal treasure trove of contacts and thoughts, reflects her desire for connection and a convergence of disparate worlds.

The artist, in creating “My Mother’s Tender Script,” has transformed a black-and-white print from the late 1970s into an enlarged negative. The delicate drawings and writings from the phone notebook are seamlessly incorporated using the resino-pigmentype technique, a method invented in the mid-nineteenth century.

This creative endeavor goes beyond a mere replication of the past; it stands as a heartfelt tribute to the resilience, struggles, and enduring legacy of the artist’s mother. Through art, the indomitable spirit of a woman who faced life’s challenges head-on is celebrated, offering a glimpse into a narrative that is both personal and universal. “My Mother’s Tender Script” invites viewers to connect with the human experience, finding inspiration in the face of adversity and the strength to forge a lasting legacy.

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