The Wapping Project – Moving Walls by Lech Majewski

The Wapping Project is an old hydraulic power station constructed in 1890, situated in East London, converted in a culture venue as well as in an alternative restaurant serving a daily changing menu.
The so called Wapping Food is more than the typical café you can usually find alongside galleries, offering coffee and tea to the exhibition-goers and art passionate.
In fact the space is fundamental as an economical support for the gallery, considering that the venue doesn’t receive any government funding and that it was converted without the gain of any money lottery. On the side of those economical reasons, the restaurant has a crucial role in grabbing the attention of a large variety of audience, which may happen to be there without being aware of the intriguing artistic corner hidden in the back of the main room. The Wapping Project can be seen as an opportunity to show and demonstrate in a suggestive way the historical post-industrial setting nature of the East Thames.

The gallery became a cultural site for the showcasing of sculptures, installations, moving image works and screening video installations.
Moving Walls is a video installation by a renowned Polish poet, writer, artist and filmmaker called Lech Majewski. His artworks have been recently displayed in some of the world’s most famous art events such as the Venice Biennale.
This is the artists’ first solo performing in London, despite having an impressive track record which includes screenings at the Berlinale, Louvre and Whitechapel gallery and a recent solo show at New York’s MoMa.
The installation consists in transforming the walls of the hydraulic power station in a canvas projection of live paintings from the series Brueguel Suite, Blood of a poet, DiVinities and Dog Field. In the artworks taken from this unique digital tapestry is shown an interesting use of 3D effects composing a layer upon a later in terms of perspective, as well as the use of new CG technology to achieve a perfect representation of atmospheric phenomena.
Lech Majewski studied at the Krakov Academy of Fine Arts, he graduated in Poland from the National Film School based in Lòdz and in 2000 he became a voting member of the European Film Academy.


Edited by Matilde Casaglia 
Artworks by Lech Majewski

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