Photography: Valeria Mitelman
Styling: Nele Schrinner
Hair & Make Up: Sandra Leutert
Model: Jan @ PMA / The Special

overall: Herr von Eden, shoes: Hugo Boss

yellow shirt & pants: Sissi Goetze, striped shirt & tie: Eton

grey outfit, coat & silver belt
coat: Sissi Goetze, shirt: Julian Zigerli, belt: Hugo Boss, pants: Tiger of Sweden, Socks: Falke, shoes: Fratelli Rossetti

close up grey shirt & jacket
coat: Sissi Goetze, shirt Julian Zigerli, belt: Hugo Boss

jacket: Sissi Goetze, shirt: Eton, pants: Hugo Boss, sunglasses: Ray Ban

jumper: Markus Lupfer, pants: Hugo Boss, socks: Falke, shoes: Vladimir Karaleev

jacket: Raphael Hauber, shirt & pants: Herr von Eden, socks: Falke, shoes: Hugo Boss

pullover: Tiger of Sweden, shirt: Eton, pants: Julian Zigerlin, socks: Falke, shoes: Santoni

hat: Himo Mimosa Pale, shirt: Herr von Eden, tie: Eton

Fratelli Rossetti
Herr von Eden
Himo Mimosa Pale
Hugo Boss
Julian Zigerli
Markus Lupfer
Raphael Hauber
Ray Ban
Sissi Goetze
Tiger of Sweden
Vladimir Karaleev

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