Article by Max Hailwood, POSI+TIVE London Fashion Editor

Delikatessen Autumn/Winter 2011/2012

As far as brands go nowadays there aren’t very many without a few side lines, a diffusion brand here or an accessories line there. I know a certain fashion house that breaks the mould.

A high brand that concentrates solely on shirts and adheres to fashion movements has been an unheard thing. The wait is over. Emerging just recently, Delikatessen is quietly moving on out there and creating ripples in the fashion world. With a range of self-proclaimed ‘pure, simple and strong’ designs, the brand’s two collections thus far are sure fire hits. Such a strong start in a career is a good omen of things to come.

Andrzej Lisowski is a Central St Martins graduate, part of University of the Arts London, arguably the most famous college from the University’s umbrella-esque collection of creative houses. He is head designer at Delikatessen guiding the brand as they aim to create a range of ‘personal, subtle and subjective’ designs to reflect an ever- changing consumer world. Adapting their shirts to the mood of the Earth is no mean task. However if any new designer is up to the challenge it is most definitely Andrzej and the team at Delikatessen. With such bold and innovative methods of producing and utilising a shirt, the brand has set a standard upon which only they can excel. The use of a classic French seam as well as a back to basics approach to design and manufacturing, Delikatessen ensures the ‘skeleton’ of the shirt is at its roots, sound. Combine this with their unique trademark of extra vertical darting on the shoulders of the shirts; these pieces are bound to stay in the wardrobes of the lucky few for years to come.

The designs themselves are unique and enviable. Such creativity and aesthetic beauty is a covetable mix. The pieces that stand out being the shoulder snoods (a cross between a snood and a cape) as well as the play with collars, hoods and pocketing detail. The supersized sleeves in particular add to the mix and lead these garments easily into the second decade of our century and beyond. The 2011/2012 collection is an interesting start to a brand that has
piqued our interests and with the inclusion of model Filip G, another emerging star (who has walked for Dries Van Noten, YSl, Kris van Aasche and Dior to name but a few) the brand looks set to mean big business.

Currently sold in four Dutch cities Delikatessen also offers the chance to buy online at, it is relatively easy to start your collection with pieces going up to a reasonable £300/€330. Such craftsmanship must be paid for in kind.

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"Have Yoke, Will Travel."

"Have Yoke, Will Travel."


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