Interview With Designer Stevie Boi 2

Stevie Boi is best known for creating unique  and ionic eye-wear (recently designed a collection for H&M), clothing and accessories for celebrities such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Elton John etc. From the previous interview I did with Steive, we get to know a little bit more about Stevie and his fashion mind. Since then, Stevie has achieved  a lot and has been moving onto the big screen. Recently, Stevie was casted for two films and a television series entitled ‘Clash of the vampires’.

At the moment, Stevie is filming a new reality series entitled ‘All eyes on Stevie’ with Dream Nation TV, and the series will be available to watch on Dream Nation TV’s website in January 2015. Dream Nation TV is an internet- based network which features a variety of lifestyle content and only launched in October 2014 and already have 30k+ viewers.

So, I am calling to all Stevie’s fan out there, if you want to have a taste of the what is going to be in the show, keep on reading this interview and don’t forget to tune in when it is aired! Also, wishing you all with a successful 2015 and happy holidays!



  1. Apart from designing eye-wear, are you still carrying on designing clothes as well?

Yes I am currently working on my next Clothing and Eye-wear collection Entitled ‘CR3AM’ in which debut Feb 14th during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City.

  1. Have your inspiration changed since the last interview?

Yes very much. I now have moved onto using more colour in my fashions. As much as I love Editorial/Goth inspired fashions, I felt it was best to show my supporters I could do more than the typical dark edgy clothing and accessories.


  1. What are you looking for in the next season in eye-wear/ clothing?

My next collection ‘CR3AM’ will be the opposite of all dark. I decided to do an all white collection. Something elegant and high end but still have an edgy twist to it.

  1. How does it feel during casting for films and TV series?

I can honestly say I haven’t had to go to a casting for a role yet. But I am preparing myself for it. The roles that I recently received came from directors that thought I fit the criteria for that specific role.


  1. How does it feel when you received the news for this show – all eyes on Stevie?

I was so stocked! At the moment I am currently filming for the show, It is cameras everywhere! I am super excited for people to have a view into my life as an designer but more importantly as an entrepreneur.

  1. What are we expecting from the show? Would the vibes/scenes be like House of DVF or Keep it up with the Kardashian?

You will get a view of my work ethics. I want people to see who my team is and create masterpieces with limited budgets and under high amounts of pressure. For example today Madonna’s team asked me to make her eye-wear for another project. The catch is that she needs the eye-wear literally tomorrow! The show will capture my journey of me in different scenarios and building my new collection ‘CR3AM’.


  1. How much are you willing to share on the show?

I am going to share as much as possible. I am not ashamed or shy about anything currently going on in my life at the moment, so I will be an open book.

  1. Will we see more of you in the acting side or the designing side?

You will get a vision of both my acting and designing. But more of the design side.

  1. Which one do you prefer/ enjoy- acting or designing?

I prefer designing over everything. It is my true passion and the reason why I am able to have other opportunities etc.





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