Edited by: Roberta De Monte

Design by: RAW

Proofreading: Bianca Baroni

Photos by James Brittain / courtesy of RAW

From December 23th to February 1st,2015, citizens of Montreal will be able to visit and experience ‘Prismatica’, conceived and designed by the architectural firm RAW, based in Toronto.


The installation includes 50 pivoting prisms, more than two meters high, that reflect every colour of the visible spectrum, varying shades based on the position and the light source.


Roland Rom Colthoof, director of RAW, explains that the main wish was to entertain people, involving and distracting it from the cold. The prisms, made with laminated panels coated with a dichroic film, are mounted on supports containing projectors. Visitors can walk through a continuous game of lights, reflections and colours, enjoying an extraordinary spectacle surrounded by a snowy landscape.







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