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Edited by: Roberta De Monte roberta.demonte@positive-magazine.com

Design by: SplinterWorks 

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Proofreading: Bianca Baroni

Bodice Rocker

A sinuous and linear white sculpture can be placed anywhere inside the house, characterizing any kind of environment. This is Bodice Rocker, the new chair designed by the London based studio SplinterWorks. In the vertical position, it assumes a sculptural and anthropomorphic form, so that our imagination could also perceive it as a bust, a figure of a futuristic painting.

Bodice Rocker

But you need only a simple touch, however, a slight pressure of the hand and Bodice Rocker turns into something completely different. After a gentle swing, almost defying the force of gravity, the structure finds a new equilibrium, with a complete change of  its profile. In this position, its form looks more like a chaise longue, a very handy item, where you can lie down to sleep, rest or read.

Bodice Rocker

Bodice Rocker can be customized and modified: all to change the ergonomic shape so as to accommodate people with different types of physicality. In case of limited space or others of particular shapes, the chair can be scaled, in order to achieve the most appropriate size for the room.

Bodice Rocker

The images show Bodice Rocker made ​​of white leather but there is, of course, the possibility to change colour and material, according to the needs of the customer, as well as it’s possible to insert a different color for the stitchings, so as to highlight the contrast between the materials.

Bodice Rocker




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