21st International poster and graphic design festival of Chaumont

21st International poster and graphic design festival of Chaumont

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festival : 28 May / 20 June 2010

Committed to promoting graphic design for more than 20 years, the city of Chaumont today boasts a valuable collection of 35,000 historic and contemporary posters.
The poster and graphic design festival held there every year is one of the major dates in the European graphic design calendar, with exhibitions and competitions recognised throughout the world.
The planned construction of an International Graphic Design Centre (CIG) at Chaumont was built on the success of this event.

Tasked with preparations, the new delegate general for the festival, Etienne Hervy, is responsible for the artistic direction of the 21st edition and faces the challenge of addressing the ever-expanding field of graphic design.

The festival associates a different type of medium with each venue:
– old posters (Constructivism) at Les Silos and the Château du Grand Jardin,
– contemporary posters at Subsistances,
– logos at the Chapelle (with the Oscar-winning film Logorama),
– books in the old library,
– graphic systems at Le Garage,
– young professionals at Tisza,
– illustrations in the outdoor exhibition spaces…
and also outside, a signage system designed by the Helmo studio will help the city to don its festive garb.

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