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Edited by: Roberta De Monte @Roberta_DeMonte

Design by: Jaemin Jaeminlee

Where: Nowhere

Proofreading: Fanny De Monte

Gravitistic Magnetic Watch

“Few people can say: I am here. They look for themselves in the past and see themselves in the future”, wrote the painter and sculptor Georges Braque in one of the notebooks where he kept all his thoughts and ideas.

The designer Jaemin Jaeminlee, instead, apparently intends to emphasise the importance of the concept ‘I am here’ in one his most recent creations: the Gravitistic Magnetic Watch is, in fact, the metaphorical representation of the weight and solemnity of the passing of time.

Gravitistic Magnetic Watch

The watch has a minimalist and clean design. It features a bright red dial, and, along its perimeter, a series of silver hour markers that point towards a magnet-minute hand, arranged as if they are being pulled by gravity.

Gravitistic Magnetic Watch

The designer intends to symbolically represent the inexorable passage of time: the time indicated does not count, the important thing is recognising the inestimable value of each single moment.

The hands attract the seconds as the grains in an hourglass are attracted by gravity that makes them flow in an endless continuum.

Gravitistic Magnetic Watch

Gravitistic Magnetic Watch is designed in a simple yet carefully studied way by removing some of the technical elements that characterise the most recent watch models in order to give more importance to the watch intrinsic meaning.

The appearance of this object is minimal… certainly its meaning is not and therefore it should not be taken lightly.

Gravitistic Magnetic Watch

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