Atypical: a brand new italian company of handmade skateboards

edited by tobia piatto (

Atypical is an Italian brand,born in 2010, specialized in handmade cruiser-board. This unique boards are inspired by the tipical shape of the 60’s and 70’s. Atypical board’s are all handmade, made in Italy with a hard selection of ash-wood.

The Classic FW2012 collection has 5 different type of boards: the first one ( called Original)  use only the various wood-tone,  and the other 4 kind have pastel-tone mixed with the clarity of white color.

What makes all the pieces similar is the use of geometric lines and the clarity of the graphics.

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Tobia Piatto, born in 1989 in Venice, has started taking photographs about the underground world of skateboarding in 2007, making of his biggest passion a work. He has started working for POSI+TIVE magazine in 2010, writing for photography, fashion and culture departments.

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