Rethink Your Work

Edited by: Roberta De Monte

Design by: Micaela Nardella

Where: Rotterdam

Proofreading: Bianca Baroni


The workplace has always been an object of study for architects and designers. Especially in the last century, the focus on work environment has reached immeasurable levels. You might now think that everything has already been said and told, but a young Italian designer, Micaela Nardella, has managed to revolutionize this field by designing an innovative and effective workstation.


“Crane-It”. This is the name of the project. It takes inspiration from the industrial environment and it is made of a pulley system applied to a simple desk. Through this elementary mechanism, while we work comfortably seated in our booth, we can raise and lower the shelves that can hold various objects.


The platforms have different shapes and are made of different materials, but they are fit to store pens or to support cups and books too. Some of these panels can also become temporary partitions; the whole is thought to articulate the working space, making it practical and functional.


Crane-it has been studied both as a single module, both to be combined into multiple units to form a larger and lively working area, suitable for more users. The project can be variable and adaptable according to the needs. You can create different textures, increasing or decreasing the space inside the wooden structure that represents the blank canvas from which everyone can realize their ideal workstation.


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About the Author

She graduated in 2012 at the University IUAV of Venice, Master in Building Technology, with a thesis on new media façades. Trainee at the studio TAMassociati (Venice) and Laboratorio2729 (Venice), she participated in two study-tours to New York, Holland and Germany.

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