Origami Pop-up

Design by: Mariko Tsujimoto

This year at the SaloneSatellite in Milan, the young Japanese designer Mariko Tsujimoto presented his project for a ‘pop up furniture’ series.


This work was originally developed for the competition ‘Kokuyo Design Award’, where the issue involved the creation of something that was ‘more than just a notebook’.


The project of Tsujimoto is, apparently, a thin folder, simple, lightweight and easy to carry, closed with two small metal clips. It is actually an origami, namely the Japanese technique through which any flat surface of paper is transformed into a volumetric object, that only on a larger scale.



Simply opening the folder, you can compose items of furniture such as chairs and tables. The pop-up books are made into four iridescent colours: red, green, blue and yellow and they can be easily used by children in order to provide an interactive and a playing experience, a book whose history comes alive.




Proofreading: Bianca Baroni


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