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We have interviewed Tamara Stoll on her photography project Sonnenallee. A project on multiculturalism and community.

We met Charles Caesar in New York to discuss his work, the purpose of his photography and why film still matters. Interview and photography by Nicolò Bernardi

We have interviewed Sara Zanella a young and very talented Italian photographer based in Copenhagen on her project The Way Home Russia.

e have interviewed Peter Garritano in his project Hajwalah, it’s about drifting subculture in Arabia. Hi Peter, let’s talk about your project “Hajwalah”. What does “Hajwalah” means? It’s the Arabic language name given to this type of racing– a specific type drifting unique to the gulf region that’s totally different from the kinds of drifting […]

Salviati is one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious art glass factories. It was established in Venice in 1859 by Antonio Salviati and has been creating top quality world-renowned products for over 150 years.

At Miart one of the most important exhibitions was undoubtedly that of Plutschow Gallery from Zurich, a gallery interested in the works of established artists as well as other emerging. The goal of Plutschow as shown at Miart is to create a social hub linked to experimentation and the constant redefinition of the role of art in contemporary world. The Gallery exhibited an huge wallpaper as the result of the ...

Gregor Schneider is one of the most influential contemporary artists, he has won the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale in 2001 for his innovative work Totes Haus, exhibited inside German Pavillion, carefully recreating an entire house inside the museum space.