Miart 2017 – Gregor Schneider at Guido Costa Projects

[dropcap type=”1″]I[/dropcap]n 1985, after a solo exhibition named Pubertäre Verstimmung at the age of 16 he started working on his most important and controversial work, Haus ur. Schneider inherited from his parents an house in Mönchengladbach-Rheydt and since then he started building and rebuilding rooms in the house, sometimes building complete rooms inside other rooms each Consisting of walls, ceilings and floors.

Schneider is fascinated by the constant creation, his works usually come from repeated and constant self-erasure, Haus ur is a living organism, that’s keep evolving and changing.

Haus ur is a unique synthes is of painting, sculpture, installation and architecture that engages visitors in an highly emotional experience, involving the viewer in various ways, ranging from surprise to fear, from pleasure to disgust. Haus ur is a seminal work of a way of conceiving art as a totalizing experience.

This year at Miart he is on show for the Turin Gallery Guido Costa Projects with a series of works coming from the project Haus U r, parts of the organism removed from their original location and that are united by the theme of excrement. There are works that represent the urinal, the semen, the vomit, two vaginas, a woman cut into pieces, a photographic series of the girl Schneider considered the hypothetical inhabitant of the house, an old lady who he likes to photograph as dead.

Gregor Schneider has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in all continents, becoming part of the world’s most prestigious museums  and private art collections. Although, over time, has created many other works and other highly complex projects, Haus u r and the objects derived from that work are considered the most significant works of the German artist.

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