Miart 2017: Plutschow Gallery – Riccardo Beretta and Assume Vivid Astro Focus

At Miart one of the most important exhibitions was undoubtedly that of Plutschow Gallery from Zurich, a gallery interested in the works of established artists as well as other emerging. The goal of Plutschow as shown at Miart is to create a social hub linked to experimentation and the constant redefinition of the role of art in contemporary world. The Gallery exhibited an huge wallpaper as the result of the collaboration between Riccardo Beretta and the duo Assume Vivid Astro Focus, a great painting from assume vivid astro focus and a series of sculptures from the young Italian artist Beretta.
Plutschow Gallery at Miart 2017. Riccardo Beretta and assume vivid astro focus

[dropcap type=”1″]R[/dropcap]iccardo Beretta is a young italian artist that focuses on the epistemology of art, predominately through a specific technique of “accidental” subtraction on wood veneers titled Terrasanta Relief. Minimalist and provocative, his bas-relief works explore the knowledge embedded in traditional craftsmanship and a symbolic relation to thresholds formalized through rose windows and portals. For him, the invitation to cross the threshold is not only achieved through the physical plane, but it is also a cerebral state of exposing the hidden layers of subconscious. The sculptures on show during  Miart are interactive works and that can be changed and redefined by differently combining the various elements.

Plutschow Gallery Entrance, Zurich

The work of Assume Vivid Astro Focus is carnival, full of bright colors and attractive. The duo created by Eli Sudbrack and Christophe Hamaide-Pierson is famous for its ability to fuse different art techniques such as drawing, sculpture, collages, videos, music and performance, since 2001, the year of the creation of the duo their abundant works have always dealed with civilians and significant social issues such as restrictions of speech and civil rights and the rigid classifications of identity. assume vivid astro focus have exhibited in international museums all around the world and international art institutions such as the MOMA in New York. It’s interesting to see how three artists with different approaches collaborate and led to a keen and coherent result, an unusual work that mixes different techniques and rejects rules as one of the writings on the wall says: “always vomit after formalities”.

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