Rachel Whiteread

WhitechapelGallery in London is proud to announce that the sixth artist to win the Art Icon award 2019 is Rachel Whiteread, with her unique sculptures.

From February to March will take place El Beit art exhibition at Tabari Artspace, featuring through art the conflict in Palestine and the consequential lost of identity.

After being incouraged by John Lennon, Yoko Ono's younger sister Setsuko has been creating wonderful art and will exhibit in London in February.

At Miart one of the most important exhibitions was undoubtedly that of Plutschow Gallery from Zurich, a gallery interested in the works of established artists as well as other emerging. The goal of Plutschow as shown at Miart is to create a social hub linked to experimentation and the constant redefinition of the role of art in contemporary world. The ...

________________________________ Event: Art Exhibition Where: Berlin Text: Andrea Morote Pictures: Andrea Morote ________________________________ Survivors, a group exhibition curated by Wolfgang Petrick opened on the 30th of May. It was organized by thirty Artists both former students and guests. Over the next month, the halls of the lovely Löwenpalais, one of Yoko Ono‘s favourite places as the […]

Texas-based photographer Jeremy Underwood tries to make a positive mark on the world with his sculptures of other people's trash.

Edited by: Roberta De Monte Art works: Marco Mahler 3D printing is a very recent technology, whose capabilities and limits have not been fully explored yet. There are many artists, however, who are experimenting its potential: in fact, it allows for the creation of new compositions in a quick and intuitive manner, results that would be […]

Edited by: Enrico Mancini  Where: Oberhausen, Germany Sculpture: Christo Proofreading: Bianca Baroni     On March the 16th you will be able to visit the insides of the largest indoor sculpture ever made.