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________________________________ Event: Art Exhibition Where: Berlin Text: Andrea Morote Pictures: Andrea Morote ________________________________ Survivors, a group exhibition curated by Wolfgang Petrick opened on the 30th of May. It was organized by thirty Artists both former students and guests. Over the next month, the halls of the lovely Löwenpalais, one of Yoko Ono‘s favourite places as the […]

________________________________ Event: Awards Show Where: Berlin Text: Julián Roncal Pictures: Stefanie Schmid Video: Andrea Morote ________________________________ On the 16th of April, at Babylon cinema in Berlin, the 10th edition of the Achtung Festival was celebrated. Achtung Festival will host their 11th edition next year, so it’s no surprise that filmmakers and production companies based in Berlin […]

Event: Concert Where: Berlin Text and Pictures: Julián Roncal What a better place for a German artist to end his tour in Berlin? What if we add the stage of Berliner Festspiele, without a doubt the cocktail couldn’t taste better…or yes. Only remains one last ingredient: “till at least two years”, like they published at the social […]

Event: Concert/Performance Where: Berlin Text: Andrea Morote Pictures: Julián Roncal The last Friday 5th of June we assisted to an interesting event where we discovered what really means an orgy of sounds and rhythms. This experimental exchange took place at Tiefgrund, a cozy local where, besides of taking a beer, you can also watch a film on the […]

________________________________ Event: Performance Where: Berlin Text and Pictures: Julián Roncal Video: Andrea Morote ________________________________ Ungemütlich, translated into English means uncomfortable. The exact definition at the dictionary is causing or feeling unease or awkwardness. A series of performances made by different artist could be enjoyed the past 22 of June at Shift in Berlin. All of them under […]

________________________________ Event: Cinema projection Where: Berlin Text and Pictures: Julián Roncal ________________________________ Today we go into one of the most interesting projects in Berlin. It is one of those that should abound around the globe, or more than abound (because they already exists), with more support from the governments or the companies that along with […]

________________________________ Event: Art Dinner Where: Berlin Text and Pictures: Julián Roncal ________________________________ To eat is a pleasure of this life. There is no doubt about it. Out there are a lot of different cooking ways around the globe, each one enhanced to it’s cooking culture developed through the history of each region. Between all of […]

________________________________ Event: Concert Where: Berlin Text and Pictures: Julián Roncal ________________________________ At the Astra Kulturhaus in Berlin, the past 13th of June was celebrated the most waited concert from the fans of Simon Green, also known as Bonobo. After the resounding success of his fourth LP Black Sands (Ninja Tune, 2010), which launched him to the fame of the […]

Edit by: Nicole Winchell and Julian Roncal Photos by: Nicole Winchell If Oz is the emerald city, then Berlin is the ephemeral city. Trends, clubs, people and ideas come and go, as the city is a transient hub of change and innovation. Thus it was appropriate that Emergent Berlin find itself on the banks of the […]

________________________________ Event: Performance (Month of Performance Art) Where: Berlin Text and Pictures: Julián Roncal ________________________________ 29th of May at 07:49 P.M, after some U-Bahns and of course a bit of walking over Berlin, finally I arrive to Naherholung Sternchen where the event Reflektor is going to be celebrated.