Achtung Festival Berlin – Awards Show

Event: Awards Show
Where: Berlin
Text: Julián Roncal
Stefanie Schmid
Video: Andrea Morote

On the 16th of April, at Babylon cinema in Berlin, the 10th edition of the Achtung Festival was celebrated.


Achtung Festival will host their 11th edition next year, so it’s no surprise that filmmakers and production companies based in Berlin consider it one of the key festivals.
This edition of the festival was full of great films. All of them touching on reality from the point of view of each director and almost all of them touching the hearts of the viewers who attended one of the festivals cinemas.

The film competition is organized along these categories: “Made in Berlin-Brandenburg”, “Made in Berlin-Brandenburg: medium length and short films”, “Berlin Highlights”, “Retrospective”, “Festival Directors’ Choice” and “Special”.

The final prize pool was:

Best Film:
MillionenDirected by Fabian Möhrke

Best Production:
Godehard Giese for “Die Geschichte vom Astronauten” – Directed by Godehard Giese

Best Director:
Nico Sommer for “Familienfieber”

Best Documentary Film:
Wiener Ecke Manteuffel – Directed by Florian Schewe

Best Camera:
Paola Calvo for “The Visitor”

The Exberliner Film Award:
A Promised Rose Garden – Directed by Mönica Lima

The Exberliner Film Award – Special Mention:
The Silence Between Two Songs – Directed by Florian Schewe

Ecumenical Jury Award:
Wiener Ecke Manteuffel – Directed by Florian Schewe

Association of German film critics:
Antons Fest – Directed by John Kolya Reichart

Association of German film critics – Special Mention:
Männer zeigen Filme & Frauen ihre Brüste – Directed by Isabell Suba

Best Medium Lenght Film:
Sunny – Directed by Barbara Ott

Best Short Film:
Circuit – Directed by Robert Gwisdek

Best Short Film – Special Mention:
This is about senses and this is about happiness – Directed by Rike Hoppe

Blauer Traum – Directed by Malte Stein



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