Berlin Events: Bonobo @ Astra Kulturhaus

Event: Concert
Where: Berlin
Text and Pictures: Julián Roncal

At the Astra Kulturhaus in Berlin, the past 13th of June was celebrated the most waited concert from the fans of Simon Green, also known as Bonobo.

Bonobo_Berlin_2013 (1)

After the resounding success of his fourth LP Black Sands (Ninja Tune, 2010), which launched him to the fame of the electronic music scene, showed that he didn’t lowed the high standards. A marvelous fifth album, The North Borders (Ninja Tunes, 2013), baked and developed in an appropriate period of time to delight us with tracks such as Cirrus or Jets.

Bonobo_Berlin_2013 (2)

After a more than worthy warm-up by the English DJ and producer Ross Tones aka Throwing Snow, where we highlight the good connection with the people, the team of Simon started to set everything up what we all were waiting for: The presentation concert of his last LP.

Bonobo_Berlin_2013 (44)

Bonobo_Berlin_2013 (3)

The british took with him Mike Lesirge on the winds, Ewan Wallace on guitar, Johnny Tomlinson on the keys, Jack Baker on drums and for this tour he brought Szjerdene for the vocals.

Bonobo_Berlin_2013 (11)

Bonobo_Berlin_2013 (4)

Bonobo wanted to fire up the people from the beginning, demonstrated starting up with the star track of the album: Cirrus. After the great start, the crowd could enjoy the great voice of the vocalist on tracks as Shappire or Towers, which performs the own Szjerdene at the LP.

Bonobo_Berlin_2013 (17)

Without a doubt, it didn´t disappointed the “bonovers”, alternating moments of solo with others with the band. Of course without leaving apart one must do at the concerts: the solos of the drummer and the winds.

Bonobo_Berlin_2013 (50)

Bonobo_Berlin_2013 (45)

A great mise-en-scene where Bonobo played almost all of the tracks of The North Borders without forgetting his past hits like Kiara, Kong or The Keeper, from his fourth album.

Bonobo_Berlin_2013 (62)

Bonobo_Berlin_2013 (14)

Bonobo_Berlin_2013 (35)

Bonobo_Berlin_2013 (19)
Bonobo_Berlin_2013 (41)

Bonobo_Berlin_2013 (59)

Bonobo_Berlin_2013 (12)


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