Berlin Events: Conscious Kino @ Mille Pezzi Mosaic Shop

Event: Cinema projection
Where: Berlin
Text and Pictures: Julián Roncal

Today we go into one of the most interesting projects in Berlin. It is one of those that should abound around the globe, or more than abound (because they already exists), with more support from the governments or the companies that along with their exploitation on those underdeveloped countries, take benefits from the situation of it’s population.

Because of that, I’m really happy to see that out there some initiatives like this one are being built up. Allversity is a non-profit organization and their aim is to give an opportunity to those communities with low or less resources of the planet in order to give them access to all kind of knowledge.


Some of you could already ask yourselves how it works. Alright, the process is very simple. Even though the technology and the internet networks infrastructure in those countries are far away from the ones at the developed countries, Allversity offers online free courses about different subjects. Those subjects can be about history, mathematics, or even more creative such as photography.


Allversity is managing to connect with different foundations of many countries, who offer the possibility to join the net in order to make the project successful.


The past 13th of June we had the pleasure to know in first person this project (Interview can be found at the bottom). We also could enjoy the projection of diverse documentary films. Those showed a side of the planet that only a few take care of. A side that have a poor coverage at this information era, an era that put more effort generating uncertainty at the population more than inform the people that with projects like the one from Shane McMillan and Christian Kroll, the world would be really different.

[vimeo 68941524 w=500 h=227]

After these lines, you can see the name of the documentaries that were shown at the event:

1. Full Circle
2. The green house Project
3. A Thousand Suns
4. Home Turf
5. The land Owns Us

All of them can be found at

If you want to know more about Allversity, you can find them there:



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