Berlin Events: Reflektor @ Naherholung Sternchen

Event: Performance (Month of Performance Art)
Where: Berlin
Text and Pictures: Julián Roncal

29th of May at 07:49 P.M, after some U-Bahns and of course a bit of walking over Berlin, finally I arrive to Naherholung Sternchen where the event Reflektor is going to be celebrated.


Take your sits, breath and put on your five senses along with the forgotten sixth. Because this event is going to being split into two acts. At first, Anaïs Héraud (a French performer and visual artist involved into the research on the materialization of emotions constructing the experience of self) will present her performance called Dawdle. She starts to show up a curious mix between the sounds and some materials used to build up different things. In the middle of that, we all feel that the sounds are being enclosed inside a brick. Finally they jump into the floor, but their freedom is going to be stopped by an amount of soil, soil used also to mute the song being played by a radio cassette. A relation between the materials and the performer is established and now is moment to think about it in the middle of the break, before the next performance happens.





In the middle of the break, Anaïs Heraud together with another performer sings a song called Capitalism designed my Orgasm while they throw each other the radio cassette from hand to hand.

Now it’s time to enter the next space in order to enjoy the performance Reflektor executed by Emilio Gordoa ( a musician and producer from Mexico specialized at percussion and vibraphon) and Stella Veloce ( like she describes herself, multi-instrumentalist, composer and obsessive-compulsive looper) in collaboration with Katie Dumbar ( a dance-performer focused into the relationship between her identity and the society through interaction, connection and perfection).

In a three part installation, we discover a good reflection of the consciousness of the people through the path of finding their emotions and why they happen. A good enhanced performance with lights, sounds and dancing, perfectly ensembled.



Another good act inside the program of the Month of Performance Art.


DSC_0015   DSC_0053 DSC_0072  DSC_0086

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