Berlin Events: Art-dinner: a fusion of food, art and music @ Rallypad Community

Event: Art Dinner
Where: Berlin
Text and Pictures: Julián Roncal

To eat is a pleasure of this life. There is no doubt about it. Out there are a lot of different cooking ways around the globe, each one enhanced to it’s cooking culture developed through the history of each region.

Between all of them, the Mediterranean cuisine could be considered at the top three, and inside of this one we can find the Italian cuisine. The first thing that come to the mind is the pasta, but there are more elements to be found. A few of us could enjoy the past 14th of June at Rallypad Community, where the Art Dinner from Infact took place.



A different format, aimed to enjoy the meal. Because like Antonio Percoco explains ” Times are changing and along with that, the way of understanding the table’s ritual changes”. Both Matteo Iannelli as Antonio had their vision and decided to create Infact. A different atmosphere of eating, where you can meet people and above of all interact with the chef itself while listening a special selection of music by Matteo or watching in live a female painter.



Are you ready to make your mouth water, like Homer Simpson? Take a look at the menu that Infact delighted us with:


Basilicata typical starter:
– Mixed coldcuts and cheese
– Grilled pepperoni

Lucanian tastes:
– Lucanian potato pie
– Olive oil and Zafaran Pepperoni croutons in Pizzaiola with anchovies
– Truffle cream bruschetta
– Lucanian Ciambotta (stewed seasonal vegetables mix)
– Zefaran Pepperoni filled with bread guts

Main Course:
– Mischiglio pasta with fresh tomato sauce

– Strawberries and sour

And all those plates at a most than economic price, together with the cuddle from Antonio, it was like a reunion of a bunch of buddies where the good ambient dominated along with the satisfaction of each palate of the participants.


At the end of the event, we wanted to know a bit more about Infact, their ideas for the future and which ones are their upcoming events.

[vimeo 69040940 w=500 h=281]

Don’t miss the next time they are back in Berlin and their refined cuisine combined with an extraordinary format…be aware at Ploonge!

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