________________________________ Event: Art Dinner Where: Berlin Text and Pictures: Julián Roncal ________________________________ To eat is a pleasure of this life. There is no doubt about it. Out there are a lot of different cooking ways around the globe, each one enhanced to it’s cooking culture developed through the history of each region. Between all of […]

Photos by: Giuseppe Colucci Last weekend, at HTW Berlin – University of Applied Sciences, Codemotion, the conference for program developers and startups arrived to Berlin for two days full of talks, workshops, new ideas and young startups. Started few years ago in Rome, Italy, Codemotion is now international, organizing events in Madrid and Berlin as […]

First appointment of the second season of Documentary Donnerstag at Urban Spree – curated by Berlin Film Society -, unique programme of exemplary documentary films which explore topics as diverse as censorship, race, sexuality, cinematic history, collective and personal memory, war on drugs, and even the medium of filmmaking itself. Each of the eight films […]

Save the Wall: Rotes Rathaus Demo — Berlin Edited by: Filippo Erizzo Photos: Giuseppe Colucci, Livio Chiodega and Tommaso Boscarato. A project by: Ploonge and Posi+tive Magazine Nearly 600 protesters gathered yesterday, Thursday 28th of March 2013, in front of the Rotes Rathaus in Berlin to continue the fight for the preservation of the East Side Gallery. Ploonge and Posi+tive Magazine were there to support […]