Berlin Events: Documentary Donnerstag #5: Golden Slumbers (2011) – at Urban Spree

First appointment of the second season of Documentary Donnerstag at Urban Spree – curated by Berlin Film Society -, unique programme of exemplary documentary films which explore topics as diverse as censorship, race, sexuality, cinematic history, collective and personal memory, war on drugs, and even the medium of filmmaking itself.


Each of the eight films chosen in this programme have prominently featured in the film industry’s most relevant film festivals, including Cinemanila, NSFC, BSFC and Academy Awards.

Golden Slumbers is a poignant and fascinating documentary that resurrects the myths and legends of a lost cinema. Cambodian films flourished in the 1960s, drawing huge crowds to theatres around the country, until the industry was destroyed by the Khmer Rouge. Of the 400 films produced, only 30 remain today. Almost all the actors were killed during the reign of Pol Pot and only a few of the directors were able to flee the country. Through survivors’ stories and remnants of their era, the film reveals the importance movies had for an entire generation.

The event took place at multidsciplinary space Urban Spree, few meters from Warschauer Strasse S-Bahn station. It was sponsored by Jameson Whisky, which provided free drinks to all the participants.











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