Berlin Events: Apparat @ Berliner Festspiele

Event: Concert
Where: Berlin
Text and Pictures: Julián Roncal

What a better place for a German artist to end his tour in Berlin? What if we add the stage of Berliner Festspiele, without a doubt the cocktail couldn’t taste better…or yes. Only remains one last ingredient: “till at least two years”, like they published at the social media channels, we will not be able to see Apparat with his band in tour. Is the moment to take your cup and savour a piece of this musical elixir that we could enjoy the past 7th of July.

Apparat_Berlin_2013 (1)

The table to delight this exquisite beverage was filled up with the own Sascha Ring (vox, guitar, noises), Nackt (piano, guitar, bass), Ben Lauber (rhodes, synthesizers) and Jörg Wähner (drums & percussion). The visuals were in charge of Transforma.

Apparat_Berlin_2013 (7)

It was really a pleasure for the assistants to be able to listen in live, in front of the stage, with the theatre’s acoustic, the last LP from the artist born in Quedlinburg: Krieg und Frieden (Music for Theatre) – Mute Records (Feb 2013).

Apparat_Berlin_2013 (6)

They played entirely the full disc, including the open track 44 with his “noisy version”, Blank Page or Austerlitz, all of that mixed with the innovative visuals from Transforma. The mentioned visuals are made by two artists through a projector receiving the signal from a laptop connected directly with two cameras built up in a self-made infrastructure. Those two cameras capture the movements of the objects who are directly modified by the artists in live, from pieces of wood to pieces of paper twisting thanks to a fan made the visuals a wonderful delight for the eyes.

Apparat_Berlin_2013 (9)

Regarding the musical aspect, there nothing left than surrender to the evolution of Apparat and his band through the years. His first steps at techno going toward a slope more IDM/ambient makes no more than underline the ear and the music taste of this German artist.

Apparat_Berlin_2013 (10)

Apparat_Berlin_2013 (15)

After a bit more than an hour of resounding swigs, we take the exit a bit more than musically inebriated, ending with the sensation of have enjoyed every little drop, every sip of the potion made by Sascha Ring and his team.
Apparat_Berlin_2013 (4)   Apparat_Berlin_2013 (8)
Apparat_Berlin_2013 (11)
Apparat_Berlin_2013 (12)

Apparat_Berlin_2013 (14)

Apparat_Berlin_2013 (13)

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