Lunettes Selection, Berlin

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Located in Torstrasse and probably the best eyewear shop that we have ever been to. We got to know them through Toast & Jam, Berlin’s vintage fashion fair.

From the moment we got in we realised that Lunettes Selection wasn’t an ordinary eyewear shop. We were truly amazed by the space itself. White colour walls and minimalism to emphasise the never-seen outstanding glasses. Wood drawers organising their stock, old mirrors and an old exam vision poster. That’s all.

The shop assistant was really kind with us. She let us take pictures, and once she finished attending the customers, she pleasantly answered our questions. Actually, the customers also showed the exclusivity of the boutique, they could perfectly been portrait by The Sartorlialist. You know, high-class and good-looking cool people.

Their first store though is located in Marienburger Strasse, Prenzlauer Berg. Opened in 2006, it is more focused into old collections. The one in Torstrasse opened their doors in 2010, it is bigger and contains a wider range of products, considering both vintage and new designs.

Lunettes Selection shows once again the vintage flair than Berlin has. Lunettes offers a complete history of fashionable eyewear, beginning in 1900 with glasses and sunglasses from Dior, Carrera, Ray-Ban, Neostyle, Rodenstock, Yves Saint Laurent, among others. Not only you can find there vintage models that you won’t even be able to find in any fleamarket, but also they have a wide collection of new designer glasses, such as Oliver Goldsmith London, Moscot N.Y, Hackett london, Yamamoto Optical Yokohama, Epos Milano and many more. Besides from, of course, their own brand, Lunettes Kollection, handmade in Italy and designed by head of Lunettes, Uta Geyer.

A must if you happen to be in Berlin or if you find yourself around Torstrasse. We warn you though that, as the same shop assistant said to us, you can get addicted.

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