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I used to be able to take lick my own nipples – and I’m not flexible. I once hid a leaf in my bellybutton for a 30hr+ plane ride to see if my bellybutton was deep enough to keep it there for the whole trip. It was.

I realised two things when the festival was nearing its end: Your perception of a fun time changes through your adolescence to early adulthood and sleeping on bedrock is a whole lot comfier when you’re too sloshed to even care that you’re semi-spooning some dude. The former I realised when I was watching Metallica play […]

Edited by Nicklas Kingo, reporting from the Roskilde Festival One should think after having attended six of these kinds of festivals that you’d built up some sort of resistance towards the whole sleeping in poop ‘n piss for a week thing, but alas, no dice for this wuss. What gets to me is the ever […]

I arrived at the Roskilde festival two days before the bands started playing. The way the festival works is people start lining up Saturday, getting let in around midnight when the fences are usually broken by the over excited mob. Activities and events start the next day, Sunday, but the 180 bands don’t start playing […]

At time of writing I actually just got home from a festival to pick up these things because I am male and therefore don’t think further than a couple of hours ahead. So this could not get any more real or authentic (so real I had to use two synonyms to describe the amount of […]

I flew directly to Tokyo after Paris fashion week. I was stoked to be going to Tokyo. The monotony of the European fashion capitals was getting to me. Tokyo was the exact opposite of Europe. Everything was upside down. All the little chores I’d had to do everywhere else, was a little adventure in Japan. […]

By Nicklas Kingo Coming home from Paris I went directly to do the Danish fashion week. Everything was less of a deal and my lovely mother drove me around for early call times, so I got to unwind and play some Playstation with my mates. Life was part super easy and super awesome. I was […]

By Nicklas Kingo After the DKNY job I was to fly back to Paris for a quick job and then flying home to Copenhagen the following day. At this point I was “full”, I needed to come home to my mum and process all the experiences I had accumulated in the short period of four […]

I had barely gotten off the high from the previous shows before I was told to hop on a plane to New York. I was shooting a look book for DKNY. I wasn’t too interested in this though – I was going to New York City for free, that was all I cared about. My […]

Closing the Louis Vuitton show – Paris, France. January 2012 I’m wearing a helmet of hair gel. There is absolutely no feeling of movement on my dome when I rock it back and forth – I imagine being bald must feel something like this. I’m wearing a g-string and a suit worth more than everything […]