Introducing Silvia&Silvia, new POSITIVE Columnist


She Thought Outside The Box is a project run by two Silvias, Cabra and Conde. We are this “she”, the ones who think outside the box and the ones who want to share these ideas with the world. We write about nice cafés, unusual shops, special people specially from Berlin and Barcelona, but also punctually from London, Lisbon or Madrid.

We like to talk, we like to live and we really like to hunt.

Sílvia Cabra (Barcelona, 1989) was born to be a cool hunter. Graduated in Advertising and Public Relations, she decided to start an adventure in the inspiring city of Berlin. She likes traveling, exploring and cooking! She is currently living in Barcelona.

Silvia Conde (Barcelona, 1988) has a creative mind. After graduating in Advertising and Public Relations, she dreamed up She Thought Outside The Box to combine two of her different passions, photography and trends. She’s currently living in Berlin.

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