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It’s been a lot since my last time here. I have been writing, reading and take care of myself, since the moment I broke my foot. No, I wasn’t boxing as the picture may be suggesting. I was home dancing by myself (a thing I usually do while I sing and I drink some red […]

Stay there There where you are There where you were in the past Stay there Don’t move Don’t go away We who loved each other We’ve forgotten you Don’t forget us This Love, Jacques Prevert

I shooted Nicola in Milano few days ago. I discovered him in October on a bus. I was fascinated by his hair and his mood. I take those pictures in my new no man’s land of Milano, a space for homeless not very far from Navigli area.

He told me it wasn’t possible to take pictures of him smoking because his parents doesn’t want to. He started to smoke without me asking to do it. That’s what I love about photography.

I am gay, fuck you. That’s what it means. Funny. In Porta Genova.

That was yesterday. Today is sunny. This city is driving me crazy.

Today I fall in love just once.

I worked all weekend with Davide Pisani, an athlete. I discovered him few weeks ago in Milano. He was doing a performance around Piazza Duomo, as soon as I saw him, I said I have to be his friend, and I have to shoot him. So I did. Unfortunately, his movements are impossible to impress […]

Via Lesmi, Milano.