Photo-Berlin project

Photo-Berlin is a new Berlin-based project for Photographic workshops and it addresses photo- passionate people all over Europe. Photo-Berlin invites internationally renowned photo- journalists to lead a 4 day workshop in Berlin, where participants can benefit from the master photographer’s valuable experience in the field and industry to produce their own professional reportage on an issue relating to the city of Berlin.

The output of the workshops will contribute to an on-going contemporary documentation of the city and its stories, showing Berlin from the perspective of different photographers and protagonists.

Photo-Berlin provides all the pre-production, field production and organization, allowing participants to focus on photographing and producing a complete reportage at the end of the 4 days.

The master photographer will guide and supervise ten photographers during a tight schedule that combines both theoretical classes and shooting assignments, will offer them day-by-day feedback
as a guide through the selection process and, at the end, will point out the works considered to be
best suited to the publishing market.

The first three workshops will be conducted by Monika Bulaj, Jocelyn Bain Hogg and Stefano De
Luigi. They will be followed by Nina Berman, Olivia Arthur, and many others.

The workshops will be hosted by The Wye, an international art house in the heart of Kreuzberg – a new creative institution for the city.

Each master photographer will select 30 photos from those produced by participants, which will be
featured in the project’s collective exhibition held in Berlin during Summer 2013.

This will be an occasion for all participants to see their work exhibited, to meet press and industry professionals, and become part of a unique documentary series on one of Europe’s cultural capitals.  


Monika Bulaj
“God’s People” Workshop
22-25 November 2012

Jocelyn Bain Hogg
“Pleasure Island” Workshop
20-23 December 2012

Stefano de Luigi
“Cinema Mundi” Workshop
7-10 February 2013

And more workshops with: Nina Berman, Olivia Arthur and many others.

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