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"I spent my life looking into the eyes of the people, that is the only place, where perhaps still exist a soul.” Jose Saramago.

Somali refugees in Italy: avoiding the risk of been killed or forced to fight they try to move from Somalia to foreign countries.

A fashion editorial by the Warsaw based fashion photographer Greg Adamski

Edited by Ada Sbriccoli, Photography Editor Photos by “Deborah Brugnera” Deborah Brugnera was born in Conegliano (Italy) in 1989. Since childhood she has been interested in art in all its forms. She first started experimenting with photography, then she decided to dedicate herself to drawing and painting. After graduating in graphic design, she rediscovered photography […]

Sonia Cavallini is 23 and she lives in Paris, where she's studying Art History. Sonia started taking pictures of her friends and landscapes during holidays, with a disposable camera. Now she works with an old camera: a Canon T50 and sometimes a Holga or a Polaroid.