OZ by Massimo Nolletti


Edited by Ada Sbriccoli, Photography Editor

Photographs by Massimo Nolletti

Massimo Nolletti’s relationship with photography came out by chance. His training and creativity were focused on music, through a research around those sounds that are part of the sphere of his everyday life. Entering into a darkroom shows him the endless possibilities of photography and puts him in touch with a new sphere of exploration of the reality. Nolletti did not replace music with photography, but uses both of them with the same sensitivity and the same purpose, identifying the camera with the medium that gives him the opportunity to live and explore new situations, often far away from him. Photography, as well as music, represent for Massimo Nolletti the opportunity to get in touch with the vibrations that the world contains.

Oz is a street photography project. I took these pictures with an iPhone and it has been a kind of experiment. I tried to encompass all the emotions and feelings I had during my road trip through Australia, a long and intense journey that left me indelible memories.

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review: JC Epong

review: JC Epong

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