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Noroc Maroc is a group of five Romanian Gypsies who have settled in Barcelona for more than five years, living of junk collection.

Uncommon time è un diario fotografico realizzato in dodici settimane e sviluppato in trittici, ed è il racconto di una realtà attraverso i non luoghi del quotidiano.

Che cosa lega Laszlo Moholy Nagy a Trent Parke? In che modo uno dei più innovativi fotoreporter contemporanei potrebbe assomigliare al pioniere della fotografia astratta degli anni trenta?

Yemen is definitely on the brink. An unknown, opaque, mysterious country which has had a very complicated evolution since the very beginning. This hapless place has been stigmatized as one of the ultimate nest of  Islamic terrorism, which makes such an enormous contrast given the warm and welcoming Yemeni people. Unexplored, scary, and physically breathtaking, Yemen is unique.

text & photos by Isabell Zipfel edited by Victor Anton In Jharia, in the federal state of Jharkhand, around 600,000 people live in the middle of one of India’s biggest coal mining areas. There’s nothing in it for most of them. Quite the opposite: the soil, the water and the air are now contaminated, of […]

When the body and life becomes the raw material, can the raw material be recognized as a worker?

According to the United Nations, in Asia, the gender difference between men e women is very. In India, the second most populated country in the world, this phenomenon has a big dimension.

text & photos by Pedro Nunes edited by Victor Anton   Fátima Pilgrimage 2011 The International Anniversary Pilgrimage of May 2011 was presided over by American Cardinal Sean O’Malley, Archbishop of Boston, Massachusetts. On the 12 May, there was the candlelight procession, and on the 13 May there was a national celebration at the Shrine […]

Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is one of the world's largest cities, more than 25 millions inhabitants which produces a lot of wastes. Until today an ad-lib urban plan did not menage the situation, living the city flooding in the trash. No chance. Luckily, Cairo has the Zabbaleen.

GIovanni De Angelis, I Can Kill You