Fatima pilgrimage, Pedro Nunes

text & photos by Pedro Nunes

edited by Victor Anton


Fátima Pilgrimage 2011 The International Anniversary Pilgrimage of May 2011 was presided over by American Cardinal Sean O’Malley, Archbishop of Boston, Massachusetts.

On the 12 May, there was the candlelight procession, and on the 13 May there was a national celebration at the Shrine of Fatima, in order to mark the beatification of John Paul II, during wich a rainbow appeared around the sun, and many pilgrims looked at the sky, some thinking it was a miracle.

This reportage is about the faces, the tears, the sacrifices and the unquestionable and overwhelming faith of Fatima pilgrims on those two days in Fatima sanctuary.


Pedro Nunes, Lisbon . Portugal, 1976

With a degree in Marketing Management and after many years working in this area, in 2011, Pedro went to the Ar.Co Art School, to obtain a degree in photography. It was at the art school where he decided to dedicate himself full time to photography.

Specializing in photojournalism, he has been a full time photographer since April 2011, represented by Sipa Press photo agency. Pedro’s work has been  published in media all over the world. Since November 2011, he is also an Associated Press contributor, via Sipa Press, for the non-European market.



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