Cowboys of noman’s land

Photos by Saud Faisal


Bangladesh and India share a border of 2,429 miles. A number of pillars mark the border between the two states. In many areas India has built fences with barbed wire along with the borderline. The border areas are used as a route for smuggling livestock, medicine with others from India to Bangladesh and because of these smuggling a controversial shoot-on-sight policy has been enforced by the Indian border patrols. Eventually many of the victims reported killed by BSF every year. A recent killing of a young girl Felani was very much highlighted in the media.
So these are the cowboys of no man’s land who become victims of free shooting policy and they are the kids who have no idea about the foreign policy between countries. They come to graze their cattle in the huge no man’s land where free land is in scarcity in Bangladesh and they become the victims of the “shoot-on-sight policy”.

Saud completed his Diploma in Black & White Photography from Alliance Française de Dhaka in 1996. Based in Dhaka, Saud has received recognitions from various national and international arenas.
As a photo activist Saud founded very important photographic platforms both in university and professional levels in Bangladesh.











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