Mushfiqur Rahman

Getting close to his grandma, Mushfiqur Rahman explores the life of a person affected by Alzheimer and how the things he sees don't happen only to his grandmother but to many other elderly people in his country and the world.

Cox’s Bazar is the world’s longest unbroken beach. It is also a favorite tourist destination for the country people. Although being a favorite tourist spot this beach is largely visited from various parts of the country and remains one of the major attractions for holiday.

The Rohingya have been described as ‘one of the world’s most persecuted people’. Despite originating from Bangladesh and living in Western Myanmar for centuries, they are not recognized as citizens of either country.

I recently spent time photographing Hazaribagh, Bangladesh, documenting the livelihoods of those working and living in the toxic leather tanneries in the area, as well recording the environmental cost of the industry fuelled by heavy demand of cheap leather for European markets. Hazaribagh was labelled the 5th most polluted location in the world in a […]

Photos by M Ponir Hossain Riverbank means fresh air. People come to Burigonga riverbank to pass leisure time even though air is not very fresh here. Buriganga is the river flowing besides Dhaka city and serving nearly 20 million people which gave the rise to Dhaka city over 400 years ago. Economically this river is […]

Photos by Saud Faisal Bangladesh and India share a border of 2,429 miles. A number of pillars mark the border between the two states. In many areas India has built fences with barbed wire along with the borderline. The border areas are used as a route for smuggling livestock, medicine with others from India to […]