Taking agricultural land for industrialization has been the dominant narrative of development in the 21st century, especially in the developing countries. In this context, the story of Singur in West Bengal’s Hooghly district stands as a striking example in reversing the trend.

This work is an extensive long-term research oriented work on the wastelands of major urban cities in a developing country like India with an ever increasing population catering to the growing needs of consumerism .The focus of this work is mainly centred around the lives of people living near these vast wastelands filled with waste and dirt, living in squalor ...

Friday afternoon. The prayer is just ended and the devotees turn away from Jamia Masjiid, the main mosque in Srinagar, the summer capital of the state Jammu and Kashmir. The Indian army troops are deployed at the entrances and observe the young boys covering their faces among the crowd. The kanijung - local name of the stone-throwing - is about ...

This photo essay is grounded on the journeys by trains in India. It focuses on the anxiety and unconsciousness of the people within the trains which oftenly termed as a most trustable vehicle on earth when travelling come into anyone's head. Rather it is the cheapest one if it's about a long route journey. 

There are approximately 34 million widows in India at this time. In the classical, brahmanical view, they are physically alive but socially dead. They were expected to die before their husbands or along with them. Their status puts them on the fringe of society.   Most of them experience deprivations and discriminations on a daily […]

This photo essay shines light upon on the laborious process of making bricks in India. It is often a family affair, in the sense that every member, regardless of his age and gender, contributes his bit to the process. Each person is assigned a role based on his ability and they all toil together as […]

Photos and text by Tanmay Chowdhary This series, a loose narrative about a girl lost in a time unknown, is an atmosphere piece, an attempt to recreate sensory memories. This piece was inspired by a fascination towards nostalgia. Born and brought up in the city of Calcutta in India, Tanmay moved to the US when […]

“Faith is seeing light with all your heart when all your eyes see is darkness” Faith makes a man move mountains. It is seldom reasons and mostly faith that makes a man cross barriers, struggle hard, sacrifice his well-being. The world has had a lot of stories of faith, stories where men did what reason […]

Underneath an old metallic footover bridge, on the road somewhere in between the North and center of Delhi, a small left turn leads you to an old yet relatively undiscovered territory, named Majnu ka Tilla or Samyeling. Samyeling has been a dwelling for the Tibetan refugees in Delhi for years now. As you go further […]

The bengali term for carrier is bahak.  No load seems too heavy or too large to be manhandled through the narrow, crowded streets of Kolkata (Calcutta). Whether their burdens are carried on their heads, or on a yoke over their shoulders, on two- or three-wheelers or on a hand-drawn rickshaw, all manner of goods and […]