A journey by trains in India

This photo essay is grounded on the journeys by trains in India. It focuses on the anxiety and unconsciousness of the people within the trains which oftenly termed as a most trustable vehicle on earth when travelling come into anyone’s head. Rather it is the cheapest one if it’s about a long route journey. 

The most fascinating thing about these travelling is that no one’s know each other or each other’s destination but their carrier is same. People will start to lose their individuality into the rushes which is very intriguing indeed. Apart from the sweltering concerns, people also enjoy their voyage calmly.  The glimpses of the outside passage are very eye dazzling and lately it becomes an endless journey like experience. The journey remains pensive with a cup of strong tea. There’s a noticeable fact about these tea cups which being made with clays. They says it makes a tea a tea. Somehow it rises the taste out of it but no one knows the correct facts hence it becomes a myth.  Travelling inside these general compartment trains in India has been changing day by day. As, crowds of people are increasing and they are looking to pursue a job and scenario has been growing very recklessly. Therefore, going around the places are a daily routine of them and they choose these unreserved general compartment trains as their carter. Since these trains are unreserved, people sometimes encounter unendurable conditions throughout the ride. Travelling a long distance is not an easy thing within these situations because there is no well state of sleeping or even sitting too. The infrastructure is not in the good shape here and the common folks face these burdens. But, government is not only responsible for this terrible condition of infrastructure, people are equally responsible for this. Though the situations are improving gradually.

About the author:
Anirban Pal was born in 1995. He lives in Kolkata and he is an Electronics and Communication Engineer by profession. He graduated at Maulana Abul Kalam University of Technology(formerly known as WBUT), India. Beside this he has a profound interest in Art, Music and Photography. He always tries to tell stories around places in a visual way thus photography has been very close to his heart.

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