Red Bull Illume 2019 travels to Bruneck, Italy

The 2019 Red Bull Illume exhibition tour makes a stop in the heart of the Pusteral valley of Bruneck in South Tyrol, Italy.
Red Bull Illume 2019
Red Bull Illume Exhibition © zooom

The 2019 Red Bull Illume finalist images are exhibited on 2×2 meter lightboxes scattered around the town hall square. From today, 19 December, until January 6, 2020 the visitors are invited to take a look at the world’s best adventure and action sport photographs. Thanks to the illumination system, the photos will be “turned on” after sunset, when the sky gets dark.

Located in the heart of the Pustertal Valley, Bruneck is not only worth a visit for this great exhibition but also because this town combines wonderful characteristics of the region.
Bruneck is close to some of the best Italian ski resorts and it also offers a long list of activities, like ski touring, hiking and climbing. These are just a few examples of the exciting options the region offers, so it’ definitely worth booking a winter holiday in this valley.

Red Bull Illume 2019
© Damian Agreiter

For these reasons, Bruneck is the perfect location to put under the spotlight those who are often forgotten when going to a photographic exhibition: the unsung heroes behind the camera – the photographers who capture the magic. With this exhibition Red Bull Illume wants to celebrate the careful eye behind the lens and invites the visitors to become immersed in the energy, spirit and creativity of the inspiring images.

More on the contest

Image Quest 2019 has been the fifth edition and has evolved with two exciting new categories: Best of Instagram by SanDisk and the Moving Image category. The Best of Instagram by SanDisk has already announced the five monthly winners. Photographers could all submit their best images on
In 2019, 59,551 images were submitted by thousands of photographers with entries from all around the world breaking the record of photos submitted.

Red Bull Illume 2019
© Damian Agreiter

The judging panel was composed of fifty photo editors and digital experts, who have selected the 60 finalists, 11 for the category winners and 1 overall winner, all unveiled at the Winner Award Ceremony at the LUMEN – Museum of Mountain PhotographyPlan de Corones, Italy on November 20, 2019.
After the unveiling, the finalist photographs travel around the world with the Red Bull Illume Tour, to capitals and cultural hubs.
Official partners include the Japanese consumer electronics giant Sony, storage specialists SanDisk, award-winning photo software company Skylum, makers of Luminar 3 photo editing suite and COOPH, photography apparel and accessories.
CCS digital_fabric® is the manufacturer of the 2×2 meter lightboxes for the Red Bull Illume exhibtion.

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