Young Days: a zine by Nicolò Bernardi

Young Days

Young Days is a zine designed by graphic designer Nicolò Bernardi for DROME Magazine that portraits contemporary life and youth culture in New York. The project is inspired by the movie “Kids” by Larry Clark.

“Kids” was a sort of raw documentary in real time, that described a very harsh reality: the spread of AIDS and the problems of young people living in Manhattan, USA during the Nineties.

The zine is a combination of portraits of three different New York LGBTQ couples, snapshots of flowers of New York and short poems written by DROME founder and Creative Director Satchel Lee.

Young Days wants to create a testimony of how nowadays youth in New York is, a city that is very frequently anticipatory of how future society for the rest of the world will be. What is celebrated and part of the day-to-day life in New York is usually distant from the daily reality for most of the world. Celebrating the diversities, beauty and youth life of New York will hopefully create awareness in places where LGBTQ issues are frequently not addressed.

Young Days is risograph printed in 100 copies and is sold through Drome @wearedrome IG page.

Graphic Design:
Nicolò Bernardi

Nicolò Bernardi

Satchel Lee

Concept and Art Direction:
Satchel Lee and Caroline D’Arcy Gorman

Printed in New York by Lucky Risograph in 100 copies

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