edited by Tobia Piatto

photographs by Clàudia Baùto

Cláudia Baúto is a 26 years old photography lover from Lisbon, Portugal, who does not consider herself a photographer yet, but wants to take it seriously in time.

She’s not the kind of photographer that likes to photograph everything, or that carries her camera everywhere she goes, that’s really not her method or even the reason she loves to photograph. She’s a little selective when comes to subject. So what really attracts her is to capture people, portraits, spontaneous and/or staged and create a story around that.

Mostly because her biggest inspiration comes from music and the emotions involved in it, when she creates images with a concept, by telling a story, she tries to carry the music to the photograph. So music comes first, and then photography. Along with this, she’s also a big fan of fashion editorials, so surely some inspiration, especially in composition, comes from it, as the desire to grow into fashion photography.

Rock & Roll Hotel is inspired by the lonely and melancholic side, most of the times unknown, of a rock star during their tour days. The human behind the star.

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About the Author

Tobia Piatto, born in 1989 in Venice, has started taking photographs about the underground world of skateboarding in 2007, making of his biggest passion a work. He has started working for POSI+TIVE magazine in 2010, writing for photography, fashion and culture departments.

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