Edited by Ada Sbriccoli, Photography Editor

Photographs by Julián Garnés García

Julián Garnés García was born in Murcia, Spain, in 1980. He studied graphic design and advertisement and in 1999 he started to focus on photography. From the beginning, he has been exploring collaborative forms of work, founding and participating in several photographic groups. However, in the last 3 years he has begun to develop a more personal vision in his photographic research. His work has been shown in exhibitions, publications and festivals in Spain, UK, Italy and Portugal. He is currently working on a project on his immediate surroundings, La Huerta, thanks to a grant from El Invernadero.

Before you arrive /Antes de que llegues is a project about motherhood and childbirth. It’s an intimate view in witch we can’t find any stereotype about pregnancy. The series shows us the way in witch both the exterior and interior space are slowly changing their shape preparing to receive the new entrant: “A visit takes different kinds of preparation. In the case of motherhood, those preparations are beyond any other. This particular visit caused some structural changes that gradually shaped the lives of the hosts: the new guest is coming to stay. Before you arrive is a very personal story of change and hope. It is more than a story, though, it becomes a “prehistory” of Elio. It is the testimony of a reality that exists without the subject, since Elio hadn’t started his own history yet.”

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