Edited by Ada Sbriccoli, Photography Editor

Photographs and text by Cynthia Nudel

Cynthia Nudel was born in Argentina in 1979. Before settling in Spain, she graduated in Art and studied Psychology. She started studying Photography in 2006 and since then she has attended several Documentary Photography workshops. She has won various national and international prizes and her work has been showed in Spain, Colombia, Cambodia, Italy and the USA. Her work Artificial Nature will be shown at Espai de Fotografia Francesc Català-Roca, Barcelona. The exhibition will open on 19 January 2012 at 7.30pm and run until 11 February 2012.

Zoos expose a tension between the natural and the artificial. Animals are confined in environments that contain manufactured and natural elements controlled by men. Branches, leaves and sand are mixed with the paint from the scenarios. Cement coexists with vegetation. This attempt to recreate wildlife in an urban environment produces a kind of artificial nature that hangs in a no man’s land.  

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